• 1998

    Found Litong Aluminum Industry (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum Industry (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998 withtotal investment of HKD 100 million. It is the earliest pre-coated aluminumcoils plant in Litong group and also in China. The company covers an area of36,000 m2 with 20,000 m2 as its main workshop. There are4 aluminum coil coating lines with an annual production capacity of30,000tons,more than half of which are exported to overseas markets. The maxwidth for aluminum coil being coated can reach 1650mm, while the aluminum coilsand foils’ gauges from 0.03mm-1.5mm.

    The coating substrate thickness of 0.03mm-1,5mm.

    Found Mudanjiang Litong Wooden Co,. Ltd.

    MudanjiangLitong Wooden Co,. Ltd. Was founded in July 1998 and is one of the oldestenterprises in Litong group and it is also the renowned wooden productsproduction base in Northeast of China. Company plant covers an area of126000m2, plant building area of 320000m2 with special railway lines connectthe plant. The factory also built up with 30 aluminum casing steam dryingworkshops which contains 5000 cubic meters space in total with monthly dryingcapacity of 10,000 m3 sawn timber. Relying on the cooperative timber ForestFarm in Russia as its stable timber sources, the company for years has beenspecializing in the research and development of modern wooden decorativearticles, household articles and packing materials.

  • 2000

    Found Litong Aluminum Industry (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum Industry (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. is a large scale enterprisespecializing in pre-coating aluminum coil.Wholly invested and owned by HongKong Litong Int’l Holdings (Group) Ltd..
    It located in Shunde citywhich is a beautiful golden hinterland of the Pearl River Delta.It formallystarted production in earlier 2001,with total investment reaching 120 millionHong Kong dollars.Covering an area of 60,000m2,possessing 6 specializedautomatic coating lines and with good quality equipment,excellent facilitiesand complete configuration for deep processing, its annual processing capacityof various aluminum coils and foils is up to 50,000MT,more than half of whichare exported. At present,the company has completed the main public listingplanning and assets restructuring.

     Found Henan Yagedi Decoration Co., Ltd.

    HenanYagedi Decoration Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrated with aluminumarchitectural decoration materials processing, marketing and curtain walls,steel structure, interior and outdoor decoration design. The company receivedsecondary national engineering qualification in 2014 and employs a highlyprofessional design and construction worker team who enjoys high industryreputation and brand influence and they can undertake professional design andconstruction of curtain walls, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls andother large-scale and high-end interior construction.

  • 2002

    Found Shenzhen United Import and Export Co., Ltd


                To expand the international market, Litong Group has established a professional International trade companies in Shenzhen which is Shenzhen United Import and Export Co., Ltd.; Litong Group established six overseas offices in Moscow, Vancouver, Valencia, Mumbai, Dubai, Tashkent; In United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan, Litong has established a wholly-owned and a joint venture company respectively. Foreign trade business covers all the products in the group company and our products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world with total foreign exchange earnings more than 200 million.

    Found Guangdong Litong Environmental Machinery Co Ltd

    GuangdongLitong Environmental Machinery Co Ltd was whole-owned and established by HONGKONG Litong Holding (Group) Ltd. Company was established in 2002 with totalcapital 50,000,000 HKD. It provides professional machinery for aluminum coatingdesigned, manufacture, installation, debugging, operation training andafter-sale services integrated solution.

    Productsinclude: full set of environmental line, coated aluminum/steel coating line,aluminum continuous anodizing coating line, metal panel clean line, aluminum compositepanel line…. In 2010 it designed and manufactured first Chinese environmentalenergy conservation hi-speed roller aluminum coating line (Line speed up to60-80m/min) which was highly evaluated in the industry.

    Itsproduction export to over 20 countries and districts of 50 sets of machinery,part of the product passed CE certification. 

  • 2003

    Found Litong Chemicals (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.


    is a large-scale diversifiedenterprise by integrating industry, trading, investment, import and export.Industry involves aluminum processing, aluminum coating, chemical industry,building materials, machinery and indoor and outdoor decoration and otherfields. Products include high precision aluminum panels, foils and strips withannual output of 300,000 tons; specialized aluminum coating of 120,000 tons forbuilding materials, decoration, home appliances, transportation and food;80,000 tons of industrial resins and paints; coating machinery for aluminumcoil and steel coil, machinery for aluminum composite panel, thermalenvironmental protection machinery, intelligent automation machinerymanufacturing and aluminum and wooden indoor and outdoor decoration series.Litong has successively built 18 manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai,Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Heilongjiang, Qinghai, etc. and 6industrial parks in south China, east China Shanghai and Wuxi, central China,north and northwest China. Besides, we also set up 2 wholly-owned and jointventure in overseas and 6 overseas offices in Moscow, Vancouver, Valencia,Mumbai, Dubai and Tashkent. Total investment is more than HK $3 billion.

    Litong people has been advocating "Responsibility, Team, Efficiency,Innovation, Co-win" as enterprise culture spirit for years. To revitalizenational industry as its mission and to be committed to the development ofChinese aluminum industry, from which have promoted the rapid rise of Litong'saluminum coating, chemical industry, machinery, indoor & outdoor buildingdecoration industry.

  • 2004

    Found Litong Decoration Articles (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

             Litong Decoration Articles (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, withtotal investment of HKD120 million, covers an area of 76,000m2 with the mainworkshop covering an area of 46,000m2. Our company is located in IndustrialPark of Jinshan District in shanghai which is one of the largest productionbase for integrated ceiling in China.

    The company owns twointegrated ceiling brand of Policolor and Shentong which has won China top tenleading brands of integrated ceiling products, China top ten recognized brandsin integrated ceiling industry, China top ten designated integrated ceilingmaterial suppliers, named as China's Outstanding Green and environment friendlyproducts and awarded with the EU RoHS Directive certification and many otherawards.

    Holded Shunde Oster Building Material Co.,Ltd.

    Shunde Oster BuildingMaterial Co.,Ltd. was investment by Litong Group and the company specializes inthe production and sales of ACP and other new building decoration materials andhigh-end home appliances decorative materials. Our company has obtained manycertificates of honor,such as ISO 9001 international quality systemcertification, an example company of good quality and integrity of the buildingmaterials industry, good quality and reliable products in China buildingmaterials industry , China's Outstanding Green and environment friendlyProducts, new technologies and products for engineering construction , CEcertification, an example company of Chinese Credit Rating System.

  • 2005

    Found Litong Aluminum Industry (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.


           LitongAluminum Industry (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1999.and located in Huashi townof Jiangyin city which is a key economically developed area in the YangtseRiver Delta..The company is the earliest pre-coating plant in China whichimported Taiwan production line. Its former name is JiangyinLitongHaihong ColorCoating Co,. Ltd. and was renamed as Litong Aluminum Industry (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.since its continual building and relocation in 2005. The company has 3automatic aluminum coil coating lines with an annual production capacity of12,000MT.

    Found Litong Aluminum Industry (Shandong) Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum Industry (Shandong) Co.,Ltd.was established in April 2004and started production on the same year.It is another large-scale aluminumcolor coating enterprise coming follow the established of Shanghai,Guangdong,Jiangsu companies.The area of the company is 1,200,000m2.Thereare 12 units of aluminum coating lines available and still 2 lines is underconstruction. Different kinds of foils and coils can meet the demands forConstruction,Decoration,Transportation,Home Appliance and IT etc.. Its productsare of beatification,stabilization,corrosion resistance,weather proof andvarious safty indexes are with all technical data up to best level of industry.

    Found Litong Chemicals (Foshan) Co.,Ltd.

  • 2007

    Found Litong Aluminum industry (Henan) Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum industry (Henan) Co.,Ltd. formerly known as Henan Longxinaluminum industry co., Ltd. It has been fully purchased by Litong group inMarch 2007. The company is located in Henan Zhengzhou, covers an area of186,700 ㎡, built with 1500 mm and 1850 mm high-speed  cold rolling mill; two 1450 mm and 1700 mmhigh precision aluminum foil rolling mill and the first-class finishingequipment facilities, with design capacity of 100,000 tons of high precisionaluminum foil. It is a large modern high and new technology  enterprise supported by the municipalgovernment of Henan province. Main products are for construction, decorationand industrial use, medicinal foil, hot sealing foil, beer sealing foil,household foil, air conditioning foil, cigarette foil, packing foil, decorativefoil, etc.

  • 2008

    Found Mulk Litong Limited Liability Company

  • 2010

    Buyout  Zhangjiagang Li Yu ChemicalCo.,Ltd.

    Found  Litong Automatic Machinery (Shanghai) Co Ltd

    LitongAutomatic Machinery (Shanghai) Co Ltd is a technological product company whichwas full-owned and established by HONG KONG Litong Holding (Group) Ltd. Companyprovides development, designation, installation integrated service for autoengine automatic assemble line, wire-moving numerical control, CNC lathe seriesproducts.

    Found LitongEnvironmental Machinery (Shanghai) Co Ltd

    Litong Environment and machinery(Shanghai) Co. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary by Hong Kong Litong International (Holdings) Limited which is a science and technology enterprise integrated with R & D, production and sales, environmental protection and energy saving application, and exhaust gas treatment. It has a team with nearly 20 years of experience in VOC production and sales, VOC treatment system , is a professional suppliers for VOC energy-saving environmental protection equipment and coating VOC treatment system. The main products are: activated carbon adsorption desorption, ) Heat exchange with new energy-saving devices, fresh air heat exchanger using energy-saving devices, hot air directly back to energy-saving devices, heat exchanger waste incinerator, regenerative waste incinerator (RTO), heat recovery with a variety of heat exchangers And so on, and provide the overall solution with organic waste gas treatment and waste heat recovery according to the actual needs of customers. The company's aim is to provide the users with "green energy-saving emission reduction" and "one-time pass the environmental standards." Our Companies has won good feedback from many domestic customers and some foreign customers with the many year's accumulation of mature technology in color coating and organic waste treatment in the field of environmental protection. Its business covers color coating industry, the coating industry, plastics industry, cloth coating industry, chemical and other industries.

  • 2011

    Found  Litong Aluminum industry (Qinghai) Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum industry (Qinghai) Co.,Ltd.is located in Ganheindustrial park, Xining national economic and technological development zone,Qinghai province, covers an area of 400,000㎡ with a total investment of 3.3 billion RMB, built production capacity of500,000 tons of high precision aluminum panel, foil, strips production line.The project has been listed in the "double hundred" project in Qinghaiprovince and major industrial technological progress project, also is thegovernment and Xining national economic and technological development zone’smajor supporting project.

    The first phase of the project with total investment of 800 million RMB,which built 16 roll casting production lines, 1850mm and 1500mm two coldrolling production lines, a 1700mm high precision cold rolling production line,two high speed aluminum color coating production line and a complete set offinishing facilities. All have been completed and put into operation inDecember 2014, with design production capacity of 200,000 tons. The mainproducts are: aluminum foil stock, base material of decorative panel, foil,strip coating, construction, decoration, food, home appliances, traffic usealuminum pre-coatedcoil and other industrial materials.

    Found Litong Chemicals (Shandong) Co.,Ltd.

  • 2012

    Holded Metal roofing system, metal curtain wall system

             Guangzhou B&G Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, and to be a buy-out of Hongkong Litong Int’l Holdings Group in 2012. With strong technical support by Prometal Spa who comes from Italy. B&G company is a modern enterprise, who produces professionally metal roofing system, metal curtain wall system, rain curtain system, roofing safety maintenance system, snowmelt system by electric-heated, solar energy photoelectricity system, new energy-saving architectural metal structural system, and also for development and application promotion of new energy-saving building materials.

  • 2014

    Holded Dongguang Sanshe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

            Dongguan Sanshe Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is the first vacuum electroplating company invested by Hong Kong Litong Int’l Holdings (Group) Co.,Ltd. It is located in Tangxia, Dongguan which is renowned as the world factory, it has three domestic industry first-class fully automated assembly lines and perfect supporting facilities, and excellent design, technology and management team, annual output value of 20,000,000 US dollars. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States and Asian countries. The company has always been focused on plating technology and laser carving technology innovation and breakthrough, UV vacuum sputtering and NCVM non-conductive coating, such new technology is widely used in shells and decorative buttons on digital camera, notebook computer, PDA, car inner decoration and medical equipment and other high-end electronic products. After three years of development, Dongguan Sanshe Electronics Co., Ltd has rapidly grew into the most competitive enterprises in domestic vacuum plating industry.
            Process scope: surface coating, metal plastic, UV light, rubber paint, paint, vacuum plating, electroplating, insulation coating, laser carving, hardening treatment, etc.

    Found Litong Aluminum Industry (Sichuan) Co.,Ltd.

    Litong Aluminum (Sichuan)Co.,Ltd. is set up as a wholly owned subsidiary by Hong Kong Litong International(Holdings) Limited in 2014. Company is located in the hinterland of Chengdu,Sichuan province, and is committed to the establishment of the center of thesouthwest logistics hub, to serve the majority of the Southwest aluminumprocessing enterprises faster and more conveniently.

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