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Copyright Statement

All the contents on the website are the copyright of LITONG and are only used for the company’s image and information display and non-commercial purposes. The company does not authorize any person, entity or organization to copy or release such files on any network or any media. Without the copyright holder’spermission, no one will be allowed to illegally copy, distribute, display,image, upload or download the said files (including but not limited to the above-mentioned subjects). Otherwise, the copyright holder will demandpursuance of liability of the relevant party according to law.


The copyright holder reserves the right to change any contents on the website at any time without prior notice, and does not guarantee the contents onthe website the latest ones.

All pictures (including but not limited to illustrations, perspective drawings and design renderings), models, and textual descriptions on the website are only for reference and not in lieu of any commitment or offer ofthe company.

Both the copyright holder and the developer disclaim anyresponsibility for any loss arising from transactions made by any individual, entityor organization based on the website or its contents.

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